Finding harmony among disparate fonts
Plugin for the selection of font pairs
Find the perfect combination without leaving Figma
Save your favorite pairs to favorites, so they will always be at hand, they will be saved even after re-opening the plugin
The plugin allows you to filter by font type ('Serif', 'Sans Serif', 'Mono'), default card type, available font language, and search
When you hover over the card, you can see what the combination of fonts looks like in the form of letters, words, and a title with text
The pairs are made up of Google fonts published in Figma, they are free, guaranteed to be of high quality, and available in Figma by default
See the usage example and save the template in your project
For each pair, an article page is created, which is both an example of using a combination and information about fonts and their designers. You can save the article as a template directly to your Figma workspace
Soroka book
The book will immerse you in the details of the plugin development and tell you about its purpose, reveal the concepts of the problem of choice and analytical paralysis
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